The Seven Deadly Sins Confirms It Will End Next Week

It looks like the end has come for one of shonen's favorite titles. It has been nearly a decade [...]

It looks like the end has come for one of shonen's favorite titles. It has been nearly a decade since fans met The Seven Deadly Sins, and the story has thrived through different mediums. From the manga to the anime and beyond, Meliodas and the gang have thrilled millions, and a report has confirmed the series will be coming to an end shortly thanks to The Seven Deadly Sins.

According to Anime News Network, the latest issue of Weekly Shonen Magazine has revealed the end date for the series' manga. The Seven Deadly Sins will wrap on March 25 when the magazine's next issue goes live.

So if you wanted to mourn the series, now is the time. You do not have much time left to honor the manga, and The Seven Deadly Sins deserves our respect for all it did in its run.

For those who have not kept up with the manga, you should know The Seven Deadly Sins has been working towards this finale for awhile now. Last may, the series' creator Nakaba Suzuki did say the manga was about to enter its final arc. The manga was said it would reach a climax shortly, but the arc carried on throughout 2019 and into the new decade.

If you are worried about this ending being rushed, there is no need to be too worried. Back in the fall, Suzuki did tell fans he has had an ending in mind for years now. In fact, the artist came up with the ending of The Seven Deadly Sins when he was first drafting the story, and it seems to have remained unchanged. Now, fans can look forward to seeing that ending shortly as it will roll around within a week. And if you have not caught up with the anime, you can catch seasons 1-2 on Netflix right now. The third season has finished airing in Japan and is expected to be dubbed for Netflix this year.

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