The Witcher Showrunner Shares The Connection Between Nightmare of the Wolf And Season Two

The Witcher has become one of the biggest original properties that is currently running on the [...]

The Witcher has become one of the biggest original properties that is currently running on the streaming service of Netflix, with the second season set to arrive this December which will see Henry Cavill return to portray the titular character himself in Geralt of Rivia. Realizing the hot ticket item they have on their hands, Netflix recently released a brand new animated film dubbed The Witcher: Nightmare of the Wolf which follows Geralt's mentor Vesemir in his younger years, with the showrunner of the live-action series dropping a bombshell that the anime movie will connect with season two.

Showrunner Lauren Schmidt broke down how the final events of Nightmare of the Wolf will play into the second season of the live-action in a number of different ways, one of which is the big reveal at the end of the film that Geralt was a part of the "Fall of Kaer Morhen," Geralt himself was only a boy during this period of time, but it's clear that the effects of this giant moment in his universe had a big effect on his life moving forward. Season Two will see Geralt taking on a protege in Ciri, who remains a vital character in the franchise as a whole, and it seems the events of the movie will mold his take on becoming a mentor.

Netflix Geeked shared the brief interview with The Witcher showrunner, Lauren Schmidt, wherein she is able to lay out how these different aspects of the Witcher universe are able to connect with one another as they land on the streaming service, despite being portrayed in different mediums:

While there has been no word on The Witcher returning to the world of animation, Studio Mir was able to flex their muscles in creating this prequel story that showed just how brutal Vesemir's journey was before becoming the old man that we came to know during Geralt's adventures.

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