The Witcher Season 2 Teases Big Yennefer Moment

During a recent panel for The Witcher 2, Anya Chalotra, the acting talent behind Yennefer, teased some major moments for the character during the Netflix show's second season. To this end, Chalotra confirms Yennefer will meet with Ciri, something we already knew due to set leaks. Meanwhile, the sorceress is also heading back to Aretuza and viewers will go "deeper" into her mind, suggesting increased screen time for the character.

"The choices she makes in S2 will resonate with people more and hopefully they'll be able to empathize with them," said Chalotra during the panel.

Unfortunately, Chalotra didn't couple this with many additional details, but she did tease that Yennefer will make some "unlikely alliances" during the second season that will "really change her." To this end, Meghan O'Keefe points out that the actress was "in literal pain that she can't say more for fear of spoiling everything."

Who these unlikely alliances could be with is anyone's best guess, but given how many creative risks showrunner Lauren Hissrich and her team took with season one, we wouldn't be surprised if these alliances truly do catch fans by surprise.

Speaking of season one, Hissrich confirms there will be less play with timelines. While Hissrich has defended how season 1 experimented with timelines, it was notably one of the larger pieces of criticism lodged against the show's debut season. Suffice to say, it's not surprising to hear season 2 won't "play with time as much." That said, this doesn't mean there won't be surprises and experimentation, because right after confirming this, Hissrich teased that the show's second season will play with the story.


The Witcher Season 2 is set to debut on December 17, 2021. For more coverage on the show and all things Witcher -- including all of the latest news, rumors, and leaks -- click here.