Tokyo Revengers Debuts Next Arc With New Poster

Tokyo Revengers is teasing the next big arc for the anime with a cool new poster! Tokyo Revengers' debut anime season is one of the few Spring 2021 anime offerings that will be continuing through the Summer 2021 schedule with a brand new cour of episodes. Fans who have been keeping an eye on the series might have noticed how Takemichi Hanegaki has seemingly accomplished his latest mission and has changed the present for the better. As the anime has teased, however, this will be far from the only venture into the past that we'll see.

Tokyo Revengers will be kicking off a new arc in the anime beginning next month, and this will carry through the second cour of the debut season. This new arc, Valhalla (otherwise colloquially known as the "Bloody Halloween" arc due to the final battle of it taking place in October) will pit the past Takemichi and the rest of Toman against a huge new group that has formed following Moebius' defeat. You can check out a new poster for the arc from the series' official Twitter account below:

The poster for the Bloody Halloween arc prominently features the key players of the upcoming arc, and beginning next month with the second cour, Takemichi will have to go back into the past once more in order to prevent Toman from becoming a terrifying crime syndicate once more. Without getting too much into spoilers for how the next episode will go, unfortunately this also means that the newest cliffhanger in Episode 11 doesn't work out as well as it seems to.


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