Tokyo Revengers Hypes Next Anime Arc With New Trailer

Tokyo Revengers is hyping the next big arc coming to the anime with a slick trailer! Tokyo [...]

Tokyo Revengers is hyping the next big arc coming to the anime with a slick trailer! Tokyo Revengers recently brought the fight against Moebius one step closer to its end with the newest episode of the series, and this also means that the first cour of the anime will be wrapping soon as well with the end of the Spring 2021 anime schedule. Luckily the anime will be airing its second cour straight through with no break in between, so this means the anime is gearing up for a huge new arc to carry it through the Summer months.

The anime might have already been a huge hit with fans as Takemichi and the rest of Toman faced off against their first real rival gang threat, but soon the series will be kicking off an even more intense fight to come as the remnants of Moebius go on to form the foundation for an even bigger and more violent threat, Valhalla. This all caps off with a huge fight on October 31st known as the "Bloody Halloween," and we got our first look at this with the trailer for this arc that you can check out in the video above!

The series still needs to round out the final moments of the fight against Moebius with its next couple of episodes, but in July the series' 13th episode will officially kick off the Valhalla arc, colloquially known as the Bloody Halloween arc due to its monumental final battle. This isn't the only reason to look forward to this next arc, however, as it also explores Toman's origins and how Mikey and the others went on to form the group (as teased by this trailer).

This will be the longest arc for the anime yet, and with 24 episodes slated for the debut season of the anime it's likely going to run the entire second cour this Summer. The good thing about that, however, is that if you were a fan of Takemichi in this first half of the season you will definitely like what's to come with the Bloody Halloween arc. But what do you think?

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