Tokyo Revengers Drops First Live-Action Trailer

Tokyo Revengers has been one of the biggest new anime series to release in 2021, following a [...]

Tokyo Revengers has been one of the biggest new anime series to release in 2021, following a murder mystery that also includes an element of time travel, and it seems as if the franchise is prepping for a new live-action entry as the first trailer for its feature-length film has dropped. The film is created by Warner Bros Pictures and will be releasing in Japan this July, though a North American release has yet to be confirmed for the time-traveling epic that is taking the world by storm with the first episodes of its anime.

For those who might not be familiar with the concept behind Tokyo Revengers, the franchise follows the twenty-six-year-old Takemichi, a young man who doesn't know what the future holds for him and can't get himself out of a serious rut. Unfortunately, the young protagonist finds himself pushed in front of a train, which doesn't kill Takemichi, but rather sends him back to his junior high school days in which he is part of a gang that is looking to make a name for themselves. As his time travel powers are explored, Tokyo Revengers is looking to make an impression as one of the biggest anime to arrive in 2021.

Twitter User Times Sq Kung Fu shared the brand new trailer for the live-action adaptation of Tokyo Revengers, which will arrive in Japan this July and give us a brand new take on the time-traveling murder mystery which is currently taking the world of anime by storm:

The first season of Tokyo Revengers' anime will clock in at around twenty-four episodes, brought to life by Liden Films who had previously worked on series such as Cells At Work: Code Black and Berserk. Needless to say, it seems as if the anime franchise has a bright future ahead of it, and we definitely wouldn't be surprised to see more adaptations arise.

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