Tokyo Revengers Is Reportedly Readying a New Arc

Tokyo Revengers is stepping into the light these days thanks to its anime, and it seems all things are going well for the hit series. From its anime venture to its live-action feature in Japan, Tokyo Revengers is getting some much-deserved love right now. And as it turns out, Tokyo Revengers may be getting a new arc ready for its readers.

The rumor began over on social media from a very well-known source. The user MangaMoguraRE gave fans a heads up when they teased a new arc was on its way for Tokyo Revengers.

"Tokyo Revengers by Ken Wakui will start a new arc in the upcoming Weekly Shounen Magazine issue 22-23/2021 out April 28, color page to," they shared. The insider also said the manga will put out its next volume this July in Japan. This would mark the debut of volume 23, and as always, readers in the United States can access Tokyo Revengers digitally through Viz Media.

As you can imagine, this update on Tokyo Revengers is a hopeful one, but some fans are wary of the report. After all, creator Wakui has hinted multiple times that his series will end before long. This new arc could very well be the manga's last, but it could still take some time to complete. For now, fans are simply looking ahead to whatever Tokyo Revengers has to offer if this report proves to be true.


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