Toonami Rewind Preps Launch With New Promo: Watch

Cartoon Network's Toonami is taking fans back to the past and has a new promo to prove it.

Toonami has introduced countless viewers to old and new anime series in its history, and later this month, the Cartoon Network programming block is bringing fans back to its past. Toonami Rewind will feature some of the biggest anime series in the platform's history, giving fans the chance to revisit classic shows once again. Now, a new promo has been released that once again highlights what is to come on Toonami Rewind, which will once again bring Toonami back to an afternoon spot.

Toonami has had a long history on Cartoon Network, as the programming block first appeared on the cable network in 1997. Unfortunately for the platform, it was canceled in 2008, leaving many anime fans to wonder if Cartoon Network was completely done with anime. Luckily, Toonami would return as it was incorporated into Adult Swim and would once again air old and new anime. While Toonami is once again bringing major series from Japan to the West, it has also ventured into creating its own original series in recent years. Original offerings from Toonami include Ninja Kamui, Fena: Pirate Princess, Housing Complex C, and My Adventures With Superman, with originals like Lazarus and Junji Ito's Uzumaki in the works.

Toonami Rewind Promo: Watch

Toonami Rewind will air on Cartoon Network on May 31st, beginning with a two-hour block on that begins at 5PM Eastern Time. For its first offering, the programming block will begin with Sailor Moon's Viz English Dub at to start, followed by an hour of Dragon Ball Z Kai, and ending things with the original Naruto. It has yet to be revealed if this line-up will change in the future, but there are more than a few classic anime series that would work well as a part of Toonami Rewind.

Adult Swim's popularity has helped expand on the platform's time slot, as it is no longer relegated to a late-night spot. "Checkered Past" has allowed Adult Swim to air in the late afternoons on Cartoon Network, traveling to the cable channel's past with offerings like Dexter's Laboratory, Ed, Edd n Eddy, The Grime Adventures of Billy & Mandy, and Samurai Jack

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