Here's the Top 25 Series at Shonen Jump to Date

Weekly Shonen Jump has been responsible for housing some of the biggest franchises in the world of [...]

Weekly Shonen Jump has been responsible for housing some of the biggest franchises in the world of anime, with the likes of Dragon Ball, One Piece, My Hero Academia, and countless others all beginning their manga series in the publication's pages. Recently, fans have been able to compile the top twenty-five series in Shonen Jump over the course of its history, and some of the rankings might surprise you. As Shonen Jump continues to bring the biggest manga series to fans around the world, we doubt that the magazine will be ending its run any time soon if ever.

For those wondering, the top twenty-five manga series of Shonen Jump based on overall volumes sold around the world:

1.) One Piece (480 million)
2.) Dragon Ball (260 million)
3.) Naruto (250 million)
4.) Slam Dunk (157 million)
5.) Kochikame (156.5 million)
6.) Demon Slayer (150 million)
7.) Bleach (120 million)
8.) Fist Of The North Star (100 million)
9.) JoJo's Bizarre Adventure (100 million)
10.) Captain Tsubasa (80 million)
11.) Hunter x Hunter (78 million)
12.) Kinnikuman (75 million)
13.) Ruruoni Kenshin (72 million)
14.) Rokudenshi Blues (60 million)
15.) The Prince of Tennis (60 million)
16.) Gintama (55.5 million)
17.) City Hunter (50 million)
18.) Haikyuu (50 million)
19.) My Hero Academia (50 million)
20.) Jujutsu Kaisen (50 million)
21.) Yu Yu Hakusho (50 million)
22.) Dragon Quest Dai (47 million)
23.) Yu-Gi-Oh (40 million)
24.) Shaman King (38 million)
25.) Dr. Slump (35 million)

Twitter Outlet Shonen Salto shared the breakdown of the top twenty-five Shonen Jump manga series over the decades of its history, proving that the regularly printed publication has given the world of anime some of its biggest franchises:

Shonen Jump still continues to provide manga readers with countless stories in the medium, though the publication might have to start thinking of some new up and comers to replace the likes of Demon Slayer, which has already come to a close, along with other series that will apparently end within the next few years including the likes of Jujutsu Kaisen, One Piece, and My Hero Academia to name a few.

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