New Shonen Youtube Channel Gives Viewers Dragon Ball For Free

Weekly Shonen Jump has been responsible for some of the biggest anime franchises making their way to the world of anime as we know it, and it seems as if the publishers have decided to jump into the Youtube game with a brand new channel that will take readers through the original Dragon Ball series for free. With Akira Toriyama's original series beginning in the 1980s, things have changed astronomically for Son Goku and his friends since the early days wherein Goku was a child and had never even heard of a Super Saiyan, let alone able to transform into one.

When Dragon Ball was first introduced via Akira Toriyama's manga, Son Goku was discovered by his future friend Bulma, who would go on to run the Capsule Corporation and assist the Saiyan in trying to get his hands on the Dragon Balls. With the original series taking Goku from a small child to a young adult, we were able to witness him learn how to use the Kamehameha and increase his general power level by fighting against the likes of the Red Ribbon Army, the Demon King Piccolo, and many other villains that were left in the dust by villains introduced in Dragon Ball Z and Dragon Ball Super.

Twitter User DBS Chronicles shared the details about the brand new Youtube Channel for Saikyo Jump, giving fans the opportunity to watch the first chapter of Dragon Ball in full motion, bringing back the initial encounter between Goku and Bulma:

Currently, Dragon Ball fans are waiting to hear when Super's anime will make its grand return, though the franchise has confirmed that fans can expect a brand new feature-length film to arrive next year, which will be the first since the movie following the Legendary Super Saiyan known as Broly was introduced into the main continuity. With the manga continuing to tell the story of the Granolah The Survivor Arc, there's plenty of material left to translate from the manga to the anime.


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