Twitter's Top 2020 Manga Include Are Demon Slayer, Yu-Gi-Oh, and More

When it comes to manga this year, some series clearly topped the charts while others delighted in major online buzz. Twitter has kept track of its most popular topics over the year, and it seems several major anime series were discussed at length by fans in 2020. In Japan, Twitter has released the five top-trending manga of the year, and some surprising picks ended up making the cut.

Thanks to ShonenSaito on Twitter, fans were given a chance to check out the top titles thanks to a yearly round-up. It was there netizens learned Demon Slayer came out in first place, but the rest of the list isn't what you might expect.

demon slayer yugioh

First place was easy to predict given the insane popularity of Demon Slayer. The manga topped the Oricon sales chart for 2020 with nearly 87 million copies sold. Its anime has also continued to break records as its first film is likely to topple Spirited Away at the Japanese box office. It goes without saying that Demon Slayer is a big deal, and so are the rest of the picks on the list.

Haikyuu came in second place as fans buzzed about the manga's ending earlier this year. Jujutsu Kaisen also saw a rise in trending topics following the debut of its anime. My Hero Academia made this list yet again in 2020 which is hardly a surprise given how popular the superhero story has become. And in fifth place, fans may be surprised to see Yu-Gi-Oh on the chart. The series has done well this year with a new anime, and several trading card changes have shaken its fandom to boot. So if you thought Yugi was stuck in the early 2000s, well - you can think again!


What do you make of this list? Do you feel these picks differ from those stateside? Share your thoughts with us in the comments section below or hit me up on Twitter @MeganPetersCB.