Demon Slayer Reveals Its Huge Economic Impact on Japan

Demon Slayer is one of the biggest franchises on Earth right now, and fans are still grappling [...]

Demon Slayer is one of the biggest franchises on Earth right now, and fans are still grappling with its massive influence. When it comes to anime and manga, the series is hard to beat as fans from around the globe continue buying into Tanjiro's journey. Despite the manga ending this year, Demon Slayer continues to crush sales monthly, and a new report has given fans an idea of how much money the franchise has brought into Japan.

As reported by Japan Times, a think tank recently did a study on Demon Slayer to see what kind of impact it has had on Japan. The series, according to Dai-ichi Research Institute, has brought in more than $270 billion yen. In USD, that is more than nearly $2.6 billion, so you can see why Demon Slayer is such a big deal.

Demon Slayer 100 Million
(Photo: Ufotable)

The research suggests that the majority of money made from Demon Slayer comes from merchandise. More than 130 billion yen has been spent on goods relating to the anime. As for book sales, the total rings up to roughly 85 billion yen while 50 billion yen has been spent on the Demon Slayer movie alone. The film made its debut back in October, and it is forecasted to topple Spirited Away at the box office shortly. If that happens, it will become the highest-grossing movie in Japan ever, and it will have done so in a matter of weeks.

There is no denying that Demon Slayer is a money-making machine, and fans are curious to see what comes next for the franchise. A second season has not been announced officially at this point, but fans are certain it is on the way. The manga was closed earlier this year despite the pleas of fans worldwide. At this point, there is no word on whether a Demon Slayer sequel or spin-off series may be in development, but fans are hopeful about its future.

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