Trigun Stampede Cosplay Captures The New Knives

Trigun Stampede might have brought its initial foray to a close with its latest episode, but the series is planning to return as Studio ORANGE has announced a "Final Phase" is in the works. With Vash The Stampede set to sport a look that is much closer to his original look, his nefarious brother Knives Millions will continue to sport an aesthetic that is far different from how he appeared in the first series. Now, one cosplayer has perfectly captured the menace of Knives' Stampede look that gave him some wild new powers.

Knives is the darker half of Vash The Stampede, growing up alongside his brother in space but eventually crashing to the earth below thanks to his own machinations. Believing that "Plants", the alien creatures of which Knives and Vash were a part, should be the true inheritors of the world, the anime's villain didn't so much as holster a gun but a weapon that seemed far more deadly. Hosting an onslaught of bladed, floating projectiles under his massive cloak, Knives was able to demonstrate the full extent of his abilities early on as he was able to destroy a town completely by himself. 

Knives Millions

Knives is sure to be front and center when Trigun Stampede returns for its Final Phase, as the conflict between the two brothers has been a focal point of the rebooted anime adaptation. At present, ORANGE hasn't revealed when we can expect the series to enter its Final Phase, though fans of Vash The Stampede are sure to pay close attention whenever the studio does. Considering how the first Trigun series ended the conflict between the siblings, it should be interesting to see what changes take place in Stampede.

Knives had a much larger role in Trigun Stampede than in the original anime adaptation from Studio Madhouse, as he made his presence known in the third episode of the new series. While Vash's original English voice actor, Johnny Yong Bosch, returned to play the lead, Knives' character was given a new English dub voice. Originally played by Kirk Baily, Austin Tindle of Kaguya-Sama: Love Is War took the reins for the new iteration of Vash's nefarious twin. 

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