Uzumaki Hypes New Year with Behind The Scenes Anime Peek

Junji Ito's Tomie might have lost its live-action adaptation that was set to arrive on the defunct [...]

Junji Ito's Tomie might have lost its live-action adaptation that was set to arrive on the defunct streaming platform of Quibi, but Toonami's Uzumaki is still set to arrive in 2021 and has a brand new "behind the scenes" look into the production behind the long-awaited anime series. First created in 1998, the story of Uzumaki follows a town that is struggling with an obsession with spirals that is manifesting itself into terrifying ways, from snail people to whirlwind riding miscreants to citizens being twisted into horrific formations that definitely show how scary this story is.

The upcoming anime series turned a lot of heads when it was revealed that its animation would look more like Ito's original artwork than any other anime adaptation that we've seen to date, with Cartoon Network partnering with animation studio Production IG to create a brand new adaptation of Ito's most popular work. While this isn't the first time that we've seen Junji Ito's stories brought to the world of anime, with previous entries being the Junji Ito Collection and the movie of Gyo, but this is certainly the first time that an adaptation has tried to stay so true to the art style of the source material!

The Official Twitter Account for Uzumaki's anime shared the behind the scenes look at one of the most well-known scenes from the manga, showing how the anime will bring to life one of the victims of the spiral curse that is afflicting the sleepy town in the mountains:

Though the live-action Tomie series might be dead on the vine with the loss of Quibi, the series has seen its fair share of adaptations in the past as Japan has made a number of movies that follow the supernatural succubus. Tomie isn't alone in getting this type of adaptation, as Uzumaki itself also had a live-action movie that was created long before rumors began to swirl of the creepy story finally getting an anime series.

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