Vinland Saga Announces English Dub

Vinland Saga's anime first debuted in 2019, giving anime fans a bloody tale of revenge and war [...]

Vinland Saga's anime first debuted in 2019, giving anime fans a bloody tale of revenge and war that blends some fantastic action alongside real-life events, and it seems that fans of the series will finally be getting an English Dub for the series produced by Wit Studio of Attack On Titan and Great Pretender fame. Following the story of Thorfinn as he accompanies his father's murderer in a bid for vengeance, Vinland Saga's English Dub will be hitting this summer thanks to Sentai Filmworks, which has long been a presence within the medium of anime.

The first season of Vinland Saga had twenty-four episodes to its name, telling the tragic and bloody tale of Thorfinn as he was taken from his home and trained to become a warrior worthy of avenging his father's death. With the first season ending on a fairly big cliffhanger, fans of the anime have been waiting to hear when/if the series will be getting a second season. The manga first began in 2005 and has continued to this day under the pen of mangaka Makoto Yukimura, so there is plenty of material for a second season to cover should Wit Studio return to this viking story that was one of the biggest anime series to arrive in 2019.

Sentai Filmworks shared the news that anime fans can expect to see Vinland Saga's English Dub arrive this summer, specifically on August 31st, along with a number of other titles that will be making their way to home video:

For those who might not be familiar with Vinland Saga, Sentai Filmworks released an official description to fill in potential viewers:

"Raised in peace and on fanciful tales of a mythical far-off land without war, young Thorfinn dreams of someday traveling to the fabled Vinland. That dream is shattered when threats from the legendary Jomsvikings put him in the path of a band of Viking mercenaries, forcing Thorfinn's father to sacrifice himself to the band's leader: Askeladd. Alone and far from home, Thorfinn joins the forces of his father's slayer, determined to compel a duel with the mercenary leader and avenge his father. However, Thorfinn quickly finds himself ill prepared for a soldier's life in the long war between Denmark and England...where the opportunistic Vikings earn coin by fighting for both sides. Now he must learn how to fight and survive, even if it means facing friend and clan in battle in Vinland Saga!"

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