Vinland Saga Team Teases Fans About Franchise's Future

Vinland Saga flew under the radar for much of its first season, but the show has since blossomed [...]

Vinland Saga flew under the radar for much of its first season, but the show has since blossomed with a very devout fanbase. In the wake of the anime's finale, fans have been waiting patiently for the franchise to give them an update on its future. That is why so many were eyeing the franchise after a special livestream was announced, and the event did gives us a heads up on the franchisee.

As you can can see here, a livestream was posted by the team working on Vinland Saga. It was there fans were able to check in on Thorfinn after the hero fled for a post-finale vacation. Fans were given some vague teasers on the franchise's future there, and it seems season two is still without an official order.

Vinland Saga
(Photo: Wit Studio)

Or well, an order that fans know about it. Vinland Saga is still be cagey about its plans for season two, and this livestream did nothing to shed light on the ordeal.

According to the team hosting the livestream, Vinland Saga ran into some trouble this year, so the group is trying to solve the issue internally. This means fans may have to wait even longer for official announcements about the show. It seems likely that the pandemic messed up the production schedule for any updates. So like many other series, Vinland Saga has resorted to being vague about its secrets.

This non-update was obviously upsetting to fans of the franchise, but fans can get a taste of Vinland Saga outside of season two. A brand-new crossover just launched between the manga and Assassin's Creed: Valhalla. And over on Twitter, the director of Vinland Saga did tease his team's work on season two with a clever sketch of our favorite Vikings.

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