Vinland Saga Creator Dishes on His Favorite Manga Series

The creator of Vinland Saga doesn't need to prove himself to anybody these days. The artist is in charge of one of the best titles in print in Japan, and Vinland Saga has wowed with its anime in the past year. It is clear that Makoto Yukimura is doing alright for himself nowadays, and he is ready to plug some of his favorite titles to fans who are up to date on Vinland Saga.

Over on Twitter, Yukimura to the attention of fans when he began answering some questions. It was during that impromptu question-and-answer session that the artist confirmed he's a big fan of Dr. Stone. But as for his children, well - they tend to read anything that isn't Vinland Saga.

When one fan asked whether Yukimura's kids read his manga, the artist was quick to shoot down the dream. It turns out the artist's kids are preoccupied by another hit series at the moment.

"Nooo they don't read my manga hahaha," Yukimura wrote. "They love Kimetsu no Yaiba."

Of course, this should come as zero surprise to anyone keeping tabs on the manga industry. There are hit series and then there are supernovas like Demon Slayer. Since its debut several years back, the Shonen Jump series has done well, but the arrival of its anime made Tanjiro more marketable than ever. Demon Slayer became so popular that manga stores were selling out of new volumes by pre-orders alone, and that is not all. Demon Slayer even managed to outsell One Piece with its annual sales, breaking a years-long record held by Eiichiro Oda. So if Yukimura's kids were going to read anything nowadays, it would be Demon Slayer.


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