Weathering With You to Reveal Never-Before-Seen Production Materials

Weathering With You is the upcoming spiritual successor to the insanely popular feature length [...]

Weathering With You is the upcoming spiritual successor to the insanely popular feature length film, Your Name. Though the release is currently scheduled for next year, fans will have the opportunity to see a wide variety of production materials from the film, as well as take part in purchasing some ingenious merchandise, and food items, designed around the film's aesthetic. Regardless of whether it manages to live up to the quality of its predecessor, Weathering With You is sure to give audiences a brand new world with some amazing visuals when it drops in 2020.

Crunchyroll shared the recent news dump on their Official Twitter Account, promising that fans that are either currently living in, or willing to visit, Tokyo will have the chance at taking in animation cells, pre-production artwork, storyboards, and more from the upcoming Weathering With You release:

Weathering With You, for those who aren't familiar with the upcoming property, follows the story of a girl named Hina who has the ability to seemingly change the weather at a whim by praying to the sky. When she meets a young boy named Hodaka who is attempting to find a life for himself in Tokyo, the two begin an adventure of magic and romantic comedy that is sure to pull at some heart strings during its run time.

Weathering With You
(Photo: Comix Wave Films)

The film has already been released in Japan, hitting theaters in the East in July of this year, having already made nearly $120 Million USD before debuting with a North American release. It's clear that the film, written and directed by Makoto Shinkai, will be just as successful, if not more so, than its predecessor and the events leading up toward its western release are sure to put another feather in its cap.

What do you think of the exhibition that will debut in Japan beginning on September 25th and then ending later in October? Will you be making the trek to see some of the amazing production materials from the making of the film? Feel free to let us know in the comments or hit me up directly on Twitter @EVComedy to talk all things comics, anime, and Weathering With You!

Tenki no Ko: Weathering With You was written and directed by Makoto Shinkai. Masayoshi Tanaka returns from Your Name to design the characters, Atsushi Tamura will serve as animation director, and Hiroshi Takiguchi will serve as art director. The film stars Kotaro Daigo as Hodaka Morishima and Nana Mori as Hina Amano along with Tsubasa Honda, Shun Oguri, Sakura Kiryuu, Sei Hiraizumi, Yuki Kaji, and Chieko Baisho in currently unconfirmed roles. GKIDS has confirmed they have licensed the film for an English language release with the current release window of 2020.