WWE Star Rhea Ripley Recovers from Wrestlemania 36 with a Vegeta Throwback

This past weekend, pro wrestling fans were beside themselves with the all-new WrestleMania. The annual event brought in some of the biggest stars of WWE as their strove to earn a title belt, but Rhea Ripley of NXT didn't miss her chance to gear up. Now, the WWE star is recovering from her NXT Women's Championship match with a throwback to Dragon Ball.

Over on Twitter, Ripley celebrated her time at WrestleMania 36 with a photo online. The Australian star might have lost her NXT title to Charlotte Flair, but the match couldn't take everything away from here. Ripley still has her love of Dragon Ball, and she proved as much with a throwback post.

As you can see below, Ripley shouted out her ring gear which she donned this past weekend at WrestleMania. The sleek look sat well with fans, but this is not the first time the star has dressed up as a Saiyan in the ring. Back in 2015, Riot City Wrestling held a match in Australia featuring Ripley, and the pro decided to channel Vegeta there to start.

"2020 [at] WrestleMania 36 made by Kotulski Geaer. 2015 [at] Riot City Wrestling made by JusZ Cosplay. Some things never change," Ripley wrote on Twitter before she gave a direct shoutout to Vegeta.

As you can see, Ripley has come a long way in a short time. It was five years ago that the star was in a RC City match shouting out Vegeta with a scouter on and wrist tape. Now, Ripley is in the big league thanks to her association with NXT, and her ring gear this past weekend paid subtle homage to the Prince of the Saiyans. So if fans know anything, it is that Ripley will reenter the wrestling scene with something to prove after she heals up from her WrestleMania debut.


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