It's Time To Duel With This Dark Magician Girl Yu-Gi-Oh Cosplay

Yu-Gi-Oh! has long been one of the most popular card slinging anime franchises around, giving us a [...]

Yu-Gi-Oh! has long been one of the most popular card slinging anime franchises around, giving us a number of dueling protagonists throughout the years with numerous anime seasons, but the original protagonist of Yugi Moto still holds a place close to many's hearts and one fan has brought to life one of his favorites in Dark Magician Girl! Though the anime series has moved far past the original adventures of Yugi Moto and the Egyptian monsters that populated the first season, it remains one of the biggest entries in the series for years past its conclusion.

Yugi had a number of top cards when it came to the battles that took place in Yu-Gi-Oh's first season, with the likes of Kuribo and Dark Magician usually holding the top spots for his go to duel monsters, but Dark Magician Girl was also used from time to time during some of the bigger duels that the young duelist would be a part of. During the real life tournaments of Yu-Gi-Oh!, Dark Magician Girl will sometimes appear within the decks of duelists that are looking to ascend the ranks of the anime franchise's card game.

Instagram Cosplayer MarissaEmma shared this amazing cosplay that brings to life the Dark Magician Girl of the Yu-Gi-Oh! series who has become one of the most popular characters in the long running anime franchise, thanks in part to the duels that Yugi went through during the first season of the series:

Yu-Gi-Oh! has returned with a brand new anime series entitled Yu-Gi-Oh! Seven, taking us into a world of the future that features some brand new duelists attempting to follow as the spiritual successors to Yugi and company throughout the years. While Dark Magician Girl hasn't appeared in the series as of yet, we'll be crossing our fingers that the popular duel monster will make an appearance down the road within the anime once again!

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