Yu-Gi-Oh Will Be Leaving Netflix Very Soon

Yu-Gi-Oh has been around for decades at this point, but the franchise has yet to lose its shine. [...]

Yu-Gi-Oh has been around for decades at this point, but the franchise has yet to lose its shine. But thanks to Netflix, it seems the anime will be losing one of its biggest streaming vendors this month. A new report has clued in fans to the fact that Yu-Gi-Oh is leaving Netflix in a matter of days, so fans have less than a week to finish their marathons before Yu-Gi-Oh goes away.

For those who keep up with Yu-Gi-Oh, you will know Netflix has two of the franchise's series on there. The original show has three seasons available to watch on Netflix at the moment. And for a sequel, the streaming platform managed to nab Yu-Gi-Oh Arc-V which is one of the latest anime to debut.

Currently, it sounds like Yu-Gi-Oh will take away its original series from Netflix, so that is a definite blow to fans. There is a likelihood that Arc-V will also b leaving the site, so fans in the U.S. will not want to let these shows pass them by.

Yu-Gi-Oh Anime
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If you happen to need more time, there are other ways to stream Yu-Gi-Oh online. There are digital copies of the original anime available via Amazon and iTunes should you wish to buy episodes outright. But if streaming is more your thing, there are sites that will still house the anime. Hulu has all the seasons of Yu-Gi-Oh available to stream, and it has a few sequels if you are interested. Crunchyroll has access to Yu-Gi-Oh as well, so we can only hope the site's partnership with HBO Max will bring Yugi Muto to the new streaming conglomerate before too long!

As for the future of Yu-Gi-Oh, the anime's life in the States is uncertain. This year marked the debut of Yu-Gi-Oh Sevens which is the latest series to join the franchise. The show is currently on hiatus due to the COVID-19 outbreak, but its available episodes did well in Japan. Recently, a trademark application for the anime's title was filed in the United States, so Yu-Gi-Oh fans are hoping a dub will get underway before too, too long.

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