Yu-Gi-Oh Fans Will Never Unsee This PS5 x Seto Kaiba Meme

Yu-Gi-Oh has become a plentiful source for memes, and anime fans are quick to explore the series for new content. Of course, there are some memes that speak to Yu-Gi-Oh more so than others, and it turns out one of the latest trends to hit social media falls in that category. After all, Seto Kaiba is a certain kind of fashionista, and the Playstation 5 suits his aesthetic perfectly.

Over on Twitter, the user SacredAlmighty had fans rolling in laughter with his take on the PS5. The next-gen console was shown to the world last week after Sony held a special stream for the reveal. The sleek console quickly became the subject of memes given its unusual look, but SacredAlmighty knew the design suited Kaiba perfectly.

As you can see below, a simple photo edit turned the PS5 into Kaiba, and it did not take much work at all. The console's white color matches the duster jacket that the character wears, and the black goes with the outfit. Even the blue light which comes from inside the console matches Kaiba's outfit, and its high-edges resemble the collar of a familiar Yu-Gi-Oh jacket.

This meme is one of several to drop about the new Playstation, but SacredAlmighty was on another level with their take. The content creator has an eye for pop culture takes, and they could not have done better than tapping Kaiba for this meme. Not even Joey could fault the move, and that is saying something given how little the two Yu-Gi-Oh characters ever agree on anything. Ever. At all.


What do you make of this Yu-Gi-Oh meme? Does Yugi Muto need a gaming console twin now? Let me know in the comments or hit me up on Twitter @MeganPetersCB to talk all things comics and anime!