Yu-Gi-Oh Announces Clothing Line with Hypland

Yu-Gi-Oh! might have a number of different seasons that cover different duelists attempting to [...]

Yu-Gi-Oh! might have a number of different seasons that cover different duelists attempting to become the best in their respective fields, but time and time again anime fans will normally find themselves drifting back to the original season in Duel Monsters, and it seems that the company Hypland is jumping in on this bandwagon with an upcoming fashion and rug line. The story of Yugi Moto kicked things off, dragging fans into the world of Duel Monsters and presenting the rules of this fictional card game that had been bouncing around this universe since the days of ancient Egypt.

Surprisingly enough, Yu-Gi-Oh! predated its "rival" Pokemon by a year, premiering as a manga in 1996 and telling us the story of the young duelist Yugi who was attempting to originally free his grandfather from a supernatural trap that would have him picking up his duel deck and testing out his skills against a large number of competitors. The first season dealt specifically with ancient Egyptian monsters, relics, and characters that permeated the series, and when Moto's story can to a close, the series decided to open its borders and explore alternate realities, dueling schools, and everything but the kitchen sink.

Hypland took to its Official Twitter Account to share a first look at the upcoming Yu-Gi-Oh! line which will feature both apparel and rugs that take us back to the days when Duel Monsters ran rampant and the protagonist split his time between himself and an ancient Pharoah when it came to his duels:

Like many other anime franchises, Yu-Gi-Oh! was hit hard not just when it came to delays for the anime itself, but also making it nearly impossible for live-action card tournaments to take place, which has become a big part of the franchise's popularity. During the pandemic, both Yu-Gi-Oh! and Pokemon cards have become an insanely hot ticket item, with many fans dying to get their hands on the cards from the respective anime franchises, going so far as to make it so that Target would stop selling the items in question.

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