Yu-Gi-Oh Fan Wows with Their Working DIY Millennium Puzzle

Years ago, fans were introduced to the Millennium Puzzle when Yu-Gi-Oh hit the small screen. The [...]

Years ago, fans were introduced to the Millennium Puzzle when Yu-Gi-Oh hit the small screen. The anime became a hit with fans both in Japan and overseas. As you can imagine, many of Yu-Gi-Oh's symbols have become nostalgia fuel for fans, and one fan just took their love of the Millennium Puzzle to the next level.

As reported by Sora News 24, one fan took to Youtube to show off their most recent project. It was there Sho Tozuka informed netizens they made a 3D printed Millennium Puzzle that can be solved, and it is the stuff of dreams for mega-fans. They shared the how-to video over on Niconico Douga, and it has since gone viral with fans.

You can check out the video above to see how Tozuka made the puzzle. It turns out the fan began with a computer model of the item and created its pieces from there. He started with the eye piece and corner tips. Tozuka says it took more than a month to finish blocking the puzzle into pieces, and they referred to the Yu-Gi-Oh manga since it has more close-ups of the Millennium Puzzle.

After the model was done, Tozuka printed 39 interlocking pieces that combine to make the puzzle. It turns out the fan made sure to bring some of the puzzle's best manga quirks into this 3D-printed build. There is a specific sequence of steps to solve the puzzle, and certain pieces slide into place later on. The final piece you put in is part of the eye lock, and a slew of pieces house magnets to lock the puzzle all into place.

As you can imagine, fan are geeking out over this crafty take on the puzzle, and fans hope they can get directions on how to make their own someday. And if the instructions have to be kept quiet, maybe Konami will license this build for a future model kit.

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