Yu-Gi-Oh Couple Goes Viral Thanks to Their Wedding Cosplay

Weddings are hard to plan, okay? Saying your vows to your partner is one of the most special [...]

Weddings are hard to plan, okay? Saying your vows to your partner is one of the most special moments you can have in life, so it is no surprise to know couples taking it seriously. That is why one couple decided they wanted to make their wedding suit their tastes just right, and that is why they're going viral. After all, it isn't everyday you see a bride at the altar with their groom dressed up like a Duel Monster.

Yes, that is right! Over on Reddit, user Totallynotacar shared a bunch of photos taken from their recent wedding. The event took place under social restrictions due to the ongoing pandemic, but that did not stop the happy couple from celebrating. After all, the pair still got to dress for their fantasy-themed wedding, and that meant the groom got to channel his Yu-Gi-Oh nerd.

As you can see below, the groom wore a full fantasy-style outfit complete with crown and fur caplet. The armor itself was modeled after Artorigus, king of the Noble Knights. The slick outfit even lit up for some nice nightlight photos, so you can see why Yu-Gi-Oh fans are loving this groom's look.

Wedding Photos (by Joshua Rainey Photography)

The bride also dressed up in a gorgeous beaded wedding dress. The chiffon skirt and embroidered bust made the lucky lady look like a princess... or perhaps a queen? After all, her now-husband referred to her as his Ice Queen a la Yu-Gi-Oh, so we are still smitten over here!

"The wedding was so much fun! the suit has a button that lets me turn it on and off on the bracer and the chest piece also actuates to try an mimic the normal monster to XYZ change," the groom shared with fans online.

"I loved the art for Noble Knights and and they grew into a pretty awesome deck and play style. I wouldn't feel justified wearing the suit if I wasn't also a noble knight player."

Clearly, this couple had their priorities straight as they shared an intimate wedding with close families in all its glory. The pictures prove the occasion was filled with love and geek-approved apparel, so we wish the newlyweds well as they begin their lives together.

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