Yu-Gi-Oh Artwork Shows How Arc-V Should Have Ended

Yu-Gi-Oh is one of the most recognizable names in anime, but that doesn't mean all of its shows [...]

Yu-Gi-Oh is one of the most recognizable names in anime, but that doesn't mean all of its shows are beloved. There are good and bad things to every series in the franchise, but Arc-V went out of its way to make fans mad. Now, thanks to one invested fan, netizens can see how Arc-V should have ended... and it has us feeling even angrier than before.

Over on Reddit, the artwork popped up to the delight of fans. The inconspicuous art shows the four Yu boys together as they move to a new adventure. After they dealt with all the nonsense associated with Arc-V, it is about time the boys got a break, and this happy artwork imagines how that ending could have gone.

Of course, fans of Arc-V will know the boys did not get such an ending. For much of its life, the anime was heralded as one of the best in the franchise thanks to its summoning methods and villains. Yuya was liked well enough, and his alternate universe selves drew in plenty of fans. But at the end of Arc-V, everything began to fall apart.

How ARC-V should have ended from r/yugioh

For those who watched the ending, they know Yuya lost his alternate selves which angered audiences the most. Things also escalated with Riley as the heroin was turned into a catatonic infant after sacrificing themselves. The only way to save Riley and the world boiled down to making her smile... so that is what Yuya dedicated his time towards.

Oh, and this doesn't even mention the stuff with Zarc and his place with Yuya. If the complications with the Standard Decision weren't enough to confuse you, then the changes with Zarc got you in the end.

As you can see, this perfect ending escaped Arc-V, but it is being touted by fans despite the fact. To this day, netizens wish they got an ending worthy of the Yu-Gi-Oh name.

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