Yu-Gi-Oh Celebrate the Holidays with Duel Monsters Trees

Yugi Moto earned his place as one of the greatest Duel Monster Duelists of all time during the [...]

Yugi Moto earned his place as one of the greatest Duel Monster Duelists of all time during the first season of the popular anime franchise of Yu-Gi-Oh! and fans have tried their hands at honoring the series by creating Christmas Trees that are adorned with various cards from the anime! Though real-world Yu-Gi-Oh! card tournaments have hit a bit of a snag in 2020 thanks in part to the coronavirus pandemic making it difficult for duels to take place, that clearly hasn't stopped fans' love of the series being shown in entirely new ways just in time for the holidays!

Currently, Yugi Moto no longer holds the role of protagonist for the anime series, long having given up the lead to a number of other duelists that were searching to be the best in the world. With the current series of Yu-Gi-Oh! Sevens deciding to follow its youngest protagonist to date in Yuga, we definitely wouldn't rule it out if characters from the first season made a return to the world of dueling, as there have been times in the franchise where universes have met. With the holiday season in full swing, this would definitely make for a present to all duelists around the world!

Reddit Users, and fans of Yu-Gi-Oh! Duel Monsters, shared two of their Christmas trees that are adorned with the popular anime franchise's duel cards, making for a holiday season that honors the many battles that took place throughout the history of the popular card game:

I made an ornament for the tree in my game room from r/yugioh
Saw the post about the Yugioh card ornament...reminded me of my tree this year! from r/yugioh

Much like Pokemon, Yu-Gi-Oh! is sure to have a long history ahead of it when it comes to the franchise as a whole, and has already ran for several decades having begun its anime in 1998! Though the future past Sevens is still a mystery, as the current anime could still have years of stories to tell, there will surely be plenty more Duel Monsters to hang from the tree or put into stockings for future Holiday Seasons!

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