Morris Chestnut Not In Black Panther Talks

Morris Chestnut Black PantherSome recent posts from the official twitter account of actor Morris Chestnut gave many reason to believe that the actor was under consideration to play Black Panther in Avengers 2 for Marvel Studios. However, the tweets were mysteriously deleted, which left many wondering what was going on.

Today, there are new updates from Morris Chestnut's Twitter account, which indicate that he is not currently in the running to play Black Panther and the tweets in question appear to have been made by someone on his social media team rather than the actor directly.

The first tweet said, "Thx to the fans for bringing #blackpanther to my attention, NOT in talks about this project with .@Marvel." A subsequent series of posts added, "Disclaimer: In fairness to Mr. Chestnut, it must be acknowledged that all posts in reference to the "Black Panther" were originated by The MCCamp. Although Mr. Chestnut applies earnest effort in communicating with his fans, occasionally there is assistance by The MCCamp in the best interest of facilitating production/filming and/or projects, as is the case at this time. The enthusiasm of the fans is highly revered, always honored and appreciated. Thank you. - The MCCamp"

However, even though Morris Chestnut might not be currently auditioning for the role, he does sound interested, as another tweet indicated, "Overwhelmed with all the #blackpanther tweets. Thanks for the support!"