Get Every Witchblade Comic To Binge Digitally For Less Than $20

Top Cow Productions and Humble Bundle announced this week that fans can buy a pay-what-you-want bundle of comics to celebrate 25 years of Witchblade — and in doing so, raise money for non-profits who find themselves more taxed than usual due to the stresses of the COVID-19 novel coronavirus pandemic. Humble Bundle's pay-what-you-want contribution method also allows fans to direct their funds to help the Hero Initiative, Jane Goodall Institute, or One Life 2 Love. At the $15 (top contribution) level, you can get digital versions of every Witchblade issue ever printed, as well as a number of tie-in series.

Besides Witchblade, the bundle includes books like Magdalena, Artifacts, and The Darkness. The digital comics bundle will run from Wednesday, March 18th, until Wednesday, April 8th, 11 a.m. PT.

"We can't be blind to what's going on around us," Hero Initiative President Jim McLauchlin said. "Hero Initiative has always been there for comic book creators in medical or financial need, and donations from this Humble Bundle will allow us to continue that good work."

This year sees not just the 25th anniversary of Witchblade (the comic) but also the 20th anniversary of Witchblade (the TV series), which starred Yancy Butler alongside David Chokachi.

"Everybody has been going crazy because it's the 20th anniversary of Witchblade and so, which makes me feel so old," Butler told recently. "I don't know where time went. But I think it was really a show before it's time, you know what I mean? People talk about how short-lived it was, but in fact it was just supposed to be a movie, and we did the movie and it got such high ratings that they decided to turn it into a series. So we got an extra two years that we didn't even dream possible, because we didn't know we were going to turn it into a series."


Of course, Witchblade is a book almost completely defined by two separate runs by famed comic book writer Ron Marz, who built so much of the series' mythology as well as the Artifacts spinoff/tie-in.

"Plugging back in has been incredibly easy," Marz said when he came back for the post-Artifacts run.. "Sara is an old friend, and it's nice to be seeing her again, regularly. I think the big difference is that when I first came to Witchblade, I was coming to it with a blank slate. I'd honestly never read the title very much, so I didn't have any pre-conceived notions about it. This time, I'm obviously very familiar with it. I'm following up Tim Seeley's run, which was different from mine and put Sara in literally a different place, which I thought was great fun. Any creator should bring their own take to a book, rather than just treading water, and Tim and Diego Bernard did that. I'm coming into this intending to do something different from what Tim and Diego did, and something different than I did during my first run on Witchblade."

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