DC Might Have Just Killed a Superman

When it comes to heroes in DC Comics, there are few stronger and more durable than the members of [...]

When it comes to heroes in DC Comics, there are few stronger and more durable than the members of the Super Family. Both Superman and Supergirl are, as Kryptonians, forces to be reckoned with but so are the "next generation" as it were. Both Jon Kent -- Superman and Lois Lane's son -- along with Superman/Lex Luthor clone Conner Kent are also formidable as well. Put them together in the same fight and it would seem like the Super Family would have a major advantage. However, in this week's Action Comics #1025, the group found themselves facing off against something greater than themselves -- and one of them may have paid the ultimate price.

Spoilers for Action Comics #1025 below.

With Superman, Supergirl, Jon, Conner, and Brainiac-5 closing in on the Invisible Mafia, the "in the event of emergency" option was activated by Dr. Glory and Robinson Goode. Dr. Glory, working on Marisol Leone's orders, released a powerful being from another reality -- a parasite-type being who killed the Superman from his own dimension, absorbed his powers and then used that power to absorb even more. Essentially a more successful version of The Parasite. Once unleashed, the terrible being was sent out into Metropolis to search out Superman and soon engaged the Super Family high above the city.

It didn't take long for things to go badly. Conner flew right into the beast and was soon over powered by it leaving Superboy to fly to the Daily Planet to warn Lois and the others to flee while Superman realized that whatever this thing they were dealing with was a parasite organism. Superman attempted to stop the creature using non-touch means but to no avail. The being discarded Conner, dropping him to the ground apparently having absorbed the young man's powers -- and ended his life.

action comics 1025 conner kent
(Photo: DC Comics)

With the issue ending on a cliffhanger, the full scope of Conner's fate wasn't revealed, but it's not looking good for him. And if Conner is, in fact dead, it's something that is likely not goign to sit well with Superman and potentially readers as well. Conner Kent hasn't been back that long so killing him off now would be rough, but story-wise, Superman has just suffered a major loss that he hasn't been able to truly process. Deputy fire chief, Metropolis mayoral candidate, and friend of Superman Melody Moore was murdered in Action Comics #1024, a death that Superman already blames himself for. If Conner is also dead, it's likely to have a severe impact on the Man of Steel at a time when it appears he'll need to be at his most focused and most strong to be able to protect not only Metropolis, but his family as well.

Action Comics #1025 is on sale now.