Best of 2000 AD Volume 5 To Feature Stories By Alan Moore, Al Ewing, Frank Quitely, and More (Exclusive)

Best of 2000 AD Volume 5 includes new and classic Judge Dredd stories and more.

Rebellion Publishing will continue to play its most zarjaz hits in Best of 2000 AD Volume 5, extending the series of trade paperbacks collecting some of the greatest stories ever published in the British comics anthology's 40-year history. The format for the new volume remains the same, mixing modern 2000 AD classics with beloved stories from decades past, alongside a new Judge Dredd story, a vintage Dredd tale, a graphic novel-length featured story, and a critical essay by a prominent pop culture critic. It'd be hard to find a better way to sample everything that 2000 AD has to offer. 

Best of 2000 AD Volume 5 includes "Elevator Pitch," a new story that pits Judge Dredd against Mega City One's wealthiest elite, and the classic Judge Dredd story "The Are of Kenny Who?," by John Wagner and Cam Kennedy, which unnervingly predicted current conversations about the morality of AI-generated artwork. The volume also reprints "Death Planet," the first Zombo story by Al Ewing (The Immortal Hulk) and Henry Flint (Eerie), Devlin Waugh investigating a vampire outbreak in an underwater prison in John Smith (Hellblazer), and Sean Phillips' (Criminal) "Swmming in Blood," a Missionary Man tale by Gordon Rennie (Doctor Who) and Frank Quitely (All-Star Superman), and a story by Alan Moore (From Hell) and Alan Davis (Excalibur).

(Photo: Annie Wu, Rebellion)

Best of 2000 AD Volume 5 features a main cover by Annie Wu (Hawkeye, Black Canary) and a webshop exclusive cover by Evan Cagle (Dune, Detective Comics). Tom Muller (X-Men) designed the look of Best of 2000 AD.

In my review of Best of 2000 AD Volume 1 for, I wrote, "Best of 2000 AD, Vol. 1 is a sharply designed and cleverly curated collection of comics. Readers would be hard pressed to find an anthology collection that matches it for quality, featuring seven stories—either complete or generous portions of grander works—by industry greats. Like the mixtapes and label compilation CDs it emulates, Best of 2000 AD provides a varied sampling of what the publication has to offer, from its back catalog to the pages of its most recent issues. If you're a comic book fan who has been interested in 2000 AD—and you should be—it's hard to imagine a better entry point into that world than Best of 2000 AD."

(Photo: Evan Cagle, Rebellion)

Best of 2000 AD Volume 5 becomes available for pre-order on September 27th. It goes on sale on February 13, 2024.