'Black Hammer: Age of Doom' and 'Wyrd' March Covers Revealed

We've got your first look at several of Dark Horse Comics' big March releases, and Black Hammer [...]

We've got your first look at several of Dark Horse Comics' big March releases, and Black Hammer and Wyrd fans will be quite happy with the stylish covers.

Both Black Hammer: Age of Doom #9 and Wyrd #3 don't hit stores until next March, but you can check out the standard and variant covers for both issues right here. First up is Black Hammer: Age of Doom #9, which features Talky Walky sitting in a rundown chair. In fact, Talky Walky has seen much better days, sporting plenty of wear and tear and the same can be said of his current living conditions, complete with a duo of rats who call it home. That cover is by artist Dean Ormston.

The second cover, which is by artist Sanford Greene, is much more inspiring. This cover features the heroes of Black Hammer charging forward towards whatever obstacle stands in their way, and failure isn't an option. Talky Walky, Colonel Weird, Barbalien, Madame Dragonfly, and more are all doing their best to protect the world, and it provides a great counterbalance to the standard cover.

(Photo: Dark Horse)

You can find the description of the issue below.

"Black Hammer: Age of Doom #9

Jeff Lemire (W), Dean Ormston (A), Dave Stewart (C), Dean Ormston (Cover), and Sanford Greene (Variant Cover)
On sale March 27
FC, 32 pages

With our heroes trapped in a bizarre new world it will be up to the new Black Hammer to bring them to safety!

- Winner of the Eisner Award for Best New Series!"

(Photo: Dark Horse)

Next up is Wyrd #3, and the first cover features the unaging detective Pitor Wyrd on the wrong end of a knife. Well, wrong end is a bit much we guess since he is invincible. Still, no one actually wants to get stabbed with a knife, whether invincible or not. That cover is drawn by Antonio Fuso.

(Photo: Dark Horse)

The second cover is drawn by Gabriele Dell'Otto, and features Wyrd putting that invincibility to the test. It seems he's fallen from a rather high building or window, and he glances towards the viewer as his head and neck are about to hit the pavement. If that weren't enough, a car is heading his way, so he could be run over as well. For Wyrd, it seems like just another Tuesday.

You can find the covers above and below and the official description of the issue can be found below as well.

(Photo: Dark Horse)

"Wyrd #3

Curt Pires (W), Antonio Fuso (P/I), Stefano Simeone (C), Antonio Fuso (Cover), and Gabriele Dell'Otto (Variant cover)
On sale Mar 27
FC, 32 pages

Once upon a time in Los Angeles . . .

Wyrd goes on a bender with the ghost of a dead celebrity. A serial killer is on the loose. It's supposed to be his day off, but Wyrd has to solve the case anyway.

Also: The secret history of Wyrd's powers!"

Black Hammer: Age of Doom #9 and Wyrd #3 hit comic stores on March 27th.