'Frozen' Comic Announced By Disney And Dark Horse Comics

Disney and Dark Horse Comics will partner for an original, three-part miniseries based on 2013 [...]

Disney and Dark Horse Comics will partner for an original, three-part miniseries based on 2013 Walt Disney Animation Studios film Frozen, Newsweek reports.

Writer Joe Caramagna (Disney Zootopia Comics and Disney DuckTales: Treasure Trove) will bring sisters Anna and Elsa and friends to the page with artists from the Kawaii Creative Studio.

The first issue of Disney Frozen reaches store shelves in August.

"Disney Frozen #1 finds Queen Elsa and Princess Anna trying to get to the bottom of things when the peace of their beloved kingdom is disrupted," reads an official synopsis.

"There's a wild animal loose in the village, destruction in the forest, and unrest brewing in a nearby kingdom. Luckily, Elsa and Anna will have the help of Olaf, Kristoff . . . and a mysterious, adventurous young woman to restore peace in their kingdom."

The Disney Comics and Dark Horse Comics collaboration marks the second comic book series inspired by the beloved animated film, which has had an ongoing series under Joe Books since July 2016.

Dark Horse and Disney will "announce additional comics in the coming months," according to Monday's press release.

"We are incredibly excited to collaborate with Disney on this great project," said Mike Richardson, Dark Horse president and founder.

"Frozen has legions of fans, many of whom are here at Dark Horse. I've personally enjoyed repeated viewings with my granddaughter, and I look forward to sharing this new series with her."

Dark Horse Comics previously published comics inspired by Lucasfilm properties Indiana Jones and Star Wars before the brand moved under Disney's Marvel Comics banner in 2015 following the company's 2012 purchase of Lucasfilm.

Walt Disney Animation Studios is readying Frozen 2 for a November 2019 release, one of the rare big screen sequels produced by the studio.

A cultural phenomenon, Frozen grossed more than $1.2 billion at the worldwide box office and was the first Walt Disney Animation Studios film to win the Academy Award for Best Animated Feature.

Its sequel will reunite directors Jennifer Lee and Chris Buck with stars Kristen Bell, Idina Menzel, Josh Gad, and Jonathan Groff, who reprise their roles as Anna, Elsa, Olaf the Snowman and Kristoff, respectively.

Disney most recently ran 22-minute short film Olaf's Frozen Adventure ahead of screenings of Disney-Pixar's Coco.

The short film inspired controversy over its length and was eventually pulled from theaters. The musical short later aired as a holiday special on the Disney-owned ABC Network.