New Goosebumps Comic Book Announced

IDW Publishing today announced Goosebumps: Secrets of the Swamp, a new five-issue comic book series written by Marieke Nijkamp (This Is Where It Ends, The Oracle Code) with art by Yasmin Flores Montanez and colors by Rebecca Nalty. The series, which is set to drop in September, will explore one of the iconic locations from author R.L. Stine's long-running franchise: Fever Swamp.

According to IDW, the series centers around Blake, a 12-year-old girl that's "shipped away to her weird aunt's home in Fever Swamp for the summer." Instead of video games and the usual summertime activities, Blake instead gets involved "in a spooky turf war between wolf hunters and werewolves." In short, classic Goosebumps story fodder.

"I have fond memories of Goosebumps terrifying me as a kid, and I'm thrilled to get to play around in Fever Swamp now," Nijkamp says. "Secrets is a story all about finding your place in a new town, figuring out who your friends are, and dealing with the deadly monsters that lurk in the shadows. With Yasmin bringing the characters to life in such a wonderful way, I hope you'll get caught in its snare too. Of course, in Fever Swamp, all secrets have sharp teeth, so best be careful you don't get bitten."

As you might recall, the 14th book in the original 1990s Goosebumps book series was titled The Werewolf of Fever Swamp and featured protagonist Grady Tucker. In the book, Tucker and his family move to Fever Swamp in the book and the story revolves around... well, a werewolf in Fever Swamp. It is currently unclear whether the new comic series will feature Tucker or his family in any capacity, though the end of the original book certainly leaves it as a possibility.

In addition to the announcement, IDW has released both Cover A and a Retailer Incentive cover for the first issue of the upcoming series, which you can check out below:

goosebumps secrets of the swamp cova a
(Photo: IDW / Bill Underwood)
goosebumps secrets of the swamp retailer incentive cover
(Photo: IDW / Clara Meath)

Goosebumps: Secrets of the Swamp is scheduled to debut this coming September. As noted above, it is written by Marieke Nijkamp with art by Yasmin Flores Montanez and colors from Rebecca Nalty. You can check out all of our previous coverage of author R.L. Stine his works and those related to them right here.

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