Hawkeye: Kate Bishop #1 Review: A Cunning Comeback Captures Kate Bishop's Spirit

Kate Bishop considers herself to be the best Hawkeye, and if you were to ask Marvel Comics fans, they'd likely agree. The heroine has stood out since her debut, and Kate Bishop reached new heights during her tenure with the Young Avengers. Now, Hawkeye: Kate Bishop has launched to give the private investigator a new solo run, and its debut issue will remind fans why the heroine is still a favorite.

Written by Marieke Nijkamp, Hawkeye: Kate Bishop steps out this week with a bold start all about new beginnings. The story opens with a complicated heist that mirrors Kate's conflicted thoughts. After all, the heroine is expected to return home for a special reunion, but the West Coast has its grip on Kate. Or at least, it is holding on to the version of herself Kate wants to be most of all.

Hawkeye: Kate Bishop begins with quick, clever lines that keeps the action moving. The brisk pace fits given Kate's unraveling state of mind, but once she finds a comfy way home, things slow down as a case presents itself. But this time, it seems Kate's new case is linked to her older estranged sister. Given their past, the ladies fly into a wild homecoming that ends with Kate on edge. Her hackles play out as the sisters uncover unsettling details about their vacation home, and the cliffhanger comes when a young resident goes missing.  

As a starting point, Hawkeye: Kate Bishop sets up a delicious drama with a mystery to boot. An unexpected reunion and a missing child drives home the plot while Kate deals with her dread of going back home. After a year on the West Coast, Kate has found a version of herself that feels right, but she fears her hometown will strip that identity away. Nijkamp has set this complexity up with ease, and it is complemented by artists Enid Balam, Oren Junior, and Brittany Peer. Kate has never looked better in her purple gear, and this issue reads seamlessly. Even Lucky is given his own visual quirks, and given how famous Kate's pizza dog has become, the gift is much appreciated. 

Hawkeye: Kate Bishop pushes forward with a strong start in its debut, and this first issue finishes with that same power. A juicy cliffhanger promises a seedy trap is gunning for Kate, and readers know Hawkeye will deal with it in her usual (somewhat clumsy) fashion. So if you want to see how the case works out, Hawkeye: Kate Bishop better stay in your sights. It is rare for Kate to miss, and this solo series is aiming to take the heroine to all-new heights. 

Published by Marvel Comics

On November 24, 2021

Written by Marieke Nijkamp

Art by Enid Balám and Oren Junior

Colors by Brittany Peer

Letters by Joe Caramagna

Cover by Jahnoy Lindsay