Todd McFarlane Reveals Why There Are No Spawn LEGO Sets or Funko POPs

Todd McFarlane revealed why there are no Spawn LEGO sets or Funko Pop! figures. He joined’s Jim Viscardi on Talking Shop this week to talk about all things Spawn. It turns out that he has been approached by both of those companies in the past about getting some toys made. But, there are some fundamental disagreements on both sides that have made that union something that neither side has decided to pursue at this point. This year has proven that McFarlane has no trouble crowdfunding his toy productions. Spawn is also still riding high off of that landmark issue a little while ago. But, the creator had some fun anecdotes about those initial conversations with LEGO.

“No, the simple answer to that one is no,” McFarlane began. “I mean they probably don’t want to sell pit of Hell toys to the 6-year-olds and the moms. So, sometimes I think that once they do the content, When they do their homework, they say, ‘Woah, woah, woah! We thought this was going to be a fun comicbook, but we see there’s some serious subject matter underneath it.’”

“So, I’ve told this story before, it’s what happened at the very beginning when we started Image,” he continued. “We started Spawn and it rocketed up the charts and became the number one selling comic. Everyone came out, but I was like, ‘You might want to do your homework.’ Because there was a lot of kid product people coming at me. Then, they read a couple of issues and went, ‘Wow. We shouldn’t put this kangaroo on our kangaroo pajamas.’ The pit of hell stuff.”

When it comes to the Funko Pops, the story is much the same. There is some interest, but the content makes it a little bit difficult. However, things are never completely etched in stone. In fact, that super cute art style that Funko has made for itself specifically got brought up during the interview. So, maybe there could be some super-deformed figures coming at a point in the future.


“Yup! The’ve talked to me a couple of times, but I fall back on the same answers,” McFarlane added. “I can do something cute in plastic. But, it won’t be a Funko Pop! No, I can’t do that, but my answer has been yes, I’ve been approached. But the response on my end has been no.”

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