Marvel's Black Cat Has Her Sights Set on Tony Stark in New Preview (Exclusive)

Felicia Hardy is one of the best thieves in the business, but even with someone of her [...]

Felicia Hardy is one of the best thieves in the business, but even with someone of her considerable skill, putting one over on someone like Tony Stark is far from easy. Luckily there's a crack team on the case in Black Cat #11, and we've got your exclusive first look at the upcoming issue. Hardy and her crew are tossing out several ideas, and as you can see in the preview below, some of them are either too complicated to get underway or Stark is too sophisticated a target for them to work on. That said, it is quite fun to hear the various names of these schemes, which include titles like the Wagering Vicar, the Seventeen Stepbrothers, and the Despinan Ambassador, and as you can see, it's the latter that wins out in the end.

We also have to wonder why those other schemes involve things like a badger and a triplane, but alas, it seems we won't ever really know. In any case, the crew decides to infiltrate Stark Industries by going right at Tony Stark, and while his womanizing and issues with alcohol are all brought up at some point, they ultimately decide to go with something he can't resist, and that's a challenge.

It's actually Bruno's idea to go this route, as he lays out Stark's main weakness. "Stark's a smart guy. And you know what's like catnip for smart guys, something they can't resist? Someone disagreein with em."

(Photo: Marvel Comics)

Bruno is right too, as the idea very much gets Hardy in the door. Now, that doesn't mean she isn't going to play to Stark's other well-known likes and dislikes, so she decides to hide her white hair and go full redhead for the occasion.

(Photo: Marvel Comics)

She isn't happy about that mind you, but as she makes clear, the research has shown that Stark is romantically linked with two different redheads, so red hair it is. Things are going according to play too, as Stark is very much interested in why Hardy (undercover as Elodie Gros) holds so much animosity for him.

(Photo: Marvel Comics)

We won't find out how the rest of their conversation goes until tomorrow, but you can get a taste of what's to come in our exclusive preview above and below, which also includes the cover by J. Scott Campbell.

(Photo: Marvel Comics)

Black Cat #11 is written by Jed MacKay and drawn by Carlos Villa with a cover by J. Scott Campbell, and you can check out the official description of the issue below.

"Black Cat's Marvel U crime spree continues! This issue, Felicia Hardy is breaking into Stark Unlimited. Wait, Black Cat vs. Iron Man? I'm pretty worried. For Tony."

Black Cat #11 hits comic stores on June 10th.

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