Marvel Announces Demon Days: X-Men Second Printing with New Peach Momoko Variant (Exclusive)

Artist Peach Momoko made her writing debut in Marvel's newest addition to the X-Men universe, Demon Days: X-Men #1, though fans who check out the book know that she created the gorgeous interior artwork as well. The issue was well-received by fans, as Demon Days: X-Men sold out its first printing of around 200,000, and now it's getting two new covers for the upcoming second printing. That's great news for fans of Momoko's work, and the even better news is that has your exclusive first look at the new covers by Momoko and J. Scott Campbell. You can see them below.

Momoko couldn't have been more thrilled with the response to the series and the first issue. "Many thanks to everyone involved and everyone who read it," Momoko told I am speechless!! Thank you and more thank you!"

Marvel Demon Days X-Men Peach Momoko Second Printing
(Photo: Peach Momoko, Marvel Comics)'s Jamie Lovett enjoyed the issue immensely, especially in regards to how Momoko used Japanese folklore to shake up the Marvel universe.

"Momoko's redesigns are brilliant. Both visually and in the narrative, the folklore she's drawing from takes primacy. It's Japanese mythology with a Marvel universe glamour. The company's characters are stretched and contorted to fit into the legend rather than the other way around," Lovett wrote.

(Photo: Marvel Comics)

Demon Days: X-Men #1 is written and drawn by Peach Momoko, lettered by VC's Ariana Maher, and adapted into English by Zack Davisson, and you can check out the official description below.

"From STORMBREAKER PEACH MOMOKO comes a Marvel story unlike any you've ever seen before! A wandering swordswoman with a psychic blade arrives at village that's being targeted by demons. One demon is black and white with a terrifying red tongue and another may be the strongest demon there is! In the stunning kick-off issue of this prestige quarterly story, you'll see a revolutionary reimagination of the Marvel Universe that could only come from Peach Momoko. Ready your katana and enter a mysterious world of demons, monsters, mutants, and magic! Book ONE of FIVE of the DEMON DAYS saga!"

Demon Days: X-Men #1 is in comic stores now.


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