Nick Fury May Be Planning His Own Secret Invasion

As one Secret Invasion comes to an end, Nick Fury might already be laying the groundwork for a different kind of Secret Invasion. Nick Fury and Maria Hill are two of the main characters in Secret Invasion, a new five-issue miniseries that pays homage to Marvel's original Secret Invasion comic event. The two former S.H.I.E.L.D. agents have become aware of new Skrull agents, who are looking for a little payback for their loss at the hands of Earth's Mightiest Heroes. By the time the new Secret Invasion comes to an end, Nick Fury already has his eyes set on another group of Skrulls.

WARNING: The following article contains spoilers for Secret Invasion #5. Continue reading at your own risk!

Secret Invasion #5 comes from the creative team of Ryan North, Francesco Mobili, Jordie Bellaire, and VC's Joe Caramagna. Nick Fury and Maria Hill are prisoners of a group of Skrulls who have their alien hands on nuclear codes and facilities. When their leader goes on a supervillain monologue, Maria Hill interrupts by laughing uncontrollably. It would appear that Nick Fury and Maria Hill have pulled one over on the Skrulls, which is where we see a flashback to an earlier issue of Secret Invasion when Maria killed Skrulls working with Tony Stark.

However, things are not as they previously appeared. Maria didn't kill the Skrulls, and actually apologizes to them for lumping all Skrulls into the "evil" category. They then devise a plan to have a Skrull impersonate Maria Hill, which allows the Avengers to stop the Skrulls at the nuclear sites. They then storm in and save Nick and Maria. Before Secret Invasion #5 wraps up, Nick Fury gives Tony Stark a call regarding his team of Skrulls. Tony cuts him off and says the Skrulls are going to work for S.H.I.E.L.D. or any other organization he's cooking up. While that's not what Nick had in mind, he does wonder if the Skrulls would like a job as official heroes saving the world, alluding to a heroic Secret Invasion on the horizon.

(Photo: Marvel Comics)

Is Marvel Teasing Secret Invasion 3?

It wouldn't be a Marvel event ending without the tease of the story continuing down the line. After Nick Fury's tease, Secret Invasion #5 concludes with a look at Earth from outer space. Skrulls are discussing their operation being a failure, and one of them smashes a monitor from off-screen. The final panel shows a new form of a Super-Skrull – a Skrull with the abilities of other Marvel characters like the Fantastic Four. We're told this is not the end of the story, though where it continues remains a mystery for now. 

We do know that Maria Hill will be seen next in the landmark Fantastic Four #700, which is also written by Secret Invasion scribe Ryan North. As for Nick Fury, his story continues in Fury #1 by Al Ewing and Scott Eaton in May.

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