Papercutz and Mad Cave Studios Reveal First Look at Ralph Azham Conclusion (Exclusive)

Papercutz and Mad Cave Studios have some amazing news for Ralph Azham fans, and we've got your exclusive first look! Papercutz and Mad Cave Studios have revealed the details of the epic conclusion to Lewis Trondheim's fantasy adventure, which will be titled Ralph Azham Vol #4: The Dying Flame. Ralph Azham will have to finally make a choice between fulfilling the dark prophecy or following a different path, and his decisions will have grand ripple effects for the entire kingdom as well as the allies he's gathered along the way. You can find the full cover for Ralph Azham #4: The Dying Flame in the image below, and you can order the book right here.

The journey of the Chosen One will conclude when the hardcover and paperback versions hit stores on October 24th, and they will retail for $19.99 and $14.99 respectively. The book is recommended for ages 12 to 16, and you can find the official description below.

(Photo: Papercutz/Mad Cave Studios)

"When Ralph and his close companions, the religious mage Yassou and the lie-detecting thief Zania, encounter a group of immortals, Ralph finds himself with more in common with his enemy, Vam Syrus, than he ever realized. Ralph Azham's path as the Chosen One ends here one way or the other. Will he fulfill his dark prophecy?

Answers will be revealed when Ralph Azham is forced to make decisions that not only impact the people he loves, but the safety of the entire kingdom of Astolia. These are the climatic concluding chapters of this sprawling fantasy tale full of magic, knights, castles, angry ghost hordes, and deadpan humor, from legendary comic creator Lewis Trondheim!"

If you're unfamiliar with Ralph Azham, the series stars a young duck named Ralph who failed the test of the Chosen One, and is thus viewed as an outcast in his villain. After an apocalyptic flood hits and the Wise Men's Counsel runs him out of the village, Ralph goes on a quest to discover the secrets of his childhood and figure out if he really is the Chosen One or not. You can find the full description for Vol. 1 below.

"From the award-winning mind of cartoonist Lewis Trondheim comes the expansive and rich anthropomorphic medieval world of Ralph Azham. After failing the test of the Chosen One as a young duck, Ralph had a tough time growing up as the village pariah, often getting into trouble due to an innate extra sense that's rather unbelievable, embarrassing, and unfortunate. That was only compounded by the constant visit of spirits that only he, Ralph, could see.

Cut to today, his village is threatened by a vicious Horde, an apocalyptic flood may take the life of Ralph's only supporter, his father, and the Wise Men's Counsel are out for Ralph's hide after rumors he had his way with one of their daughters. Ultimately Ralph must leave the village and unlock the secrets of his childhood as he journeys to the Kingdom of Astolia, but not before he takes a young ward, Raoul, who bears an uncanny similarity to Ralph. It's a sprawling story of fathers and their sons, magic, mysticism, with plenty of action, adventure, and signature Trondheim madcap humor."

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