Rob Liefeld Will Have an LA Comic Con-Exclusive Cover AND Variant Interiors For Brigade #1

Rob Liefeld is giving any fans who might be making the cross-country trek from last weekend's New York Comic Con to this weekend's LA Comic Con a reason to pick up a second copy of Brigade #1, his long-in-development, Kickstarter-funded revival of one of his earliest Image Comics properties. The issue attracted our attention last week with a funny scene in which Bloodwulf goes on a pop culture-fueled rampage, slamming into Battlestone while listing off a series of pop culture grievances including Warner Bros.' failure to release Zack Snyder's cut of Justice League and the series finale of Game of Thrones.

This time around, things get a bit more personal for Liefeld, as the LA Comic Con printing of the issue will feature not just a new cover (which you can see below) but also some alternate interiors for Bloodwulf's rant. Those alternate interiors swap out the Snyder Cut for Lord and Miller's cut of Solo: A Star Wars Story, and some of the other gripes Bloodwulf had with a concern that Marvel Studios will Disney-fy Deadpool, Liefeld's most famous creation.

"This is an evolution of every previous Brigade comic as well as well as an evolution for all the characters in my catalogue," Liefeld told ahead of last week's debut. "Bloodwulf is there, Glory is there, Prophet is featured, Bloodstrike is there. It tells folks definitely what the current state of the Liefeldverse is. And there's some surprises to boot."

You can check the scene out below.

(Photo: Rob Liefeld)
(Photo: Rob Liefeld)
(Photo: Rob Liefeld)

Originally published in 1992, Brigade was kind of the X-Force to Youngblood's New Mutants. The title was violent, ambitious, and unmistakably Liefeldian. It had cosmic scope and a litany of characters including guests from other Image books including Youngblood, Shadowhawk, Glory, and Supreme. Liefeld's last revival of the series was in 2010, in which it was largely just an update of the origin story. Not long after that, Liefeld turned to Kickstarter, but the challenges he lists above combined with demands on Liefeld's time for work-for-hire projects at DC and Marvel coalesced to delay the title's release until now.


Liefeld's Brigade #1, which was originally funded via a crowdfunding campaign in 2013, made its debut at New York Comic Con ahead of a larger rollout in the comics direct market later in 2019. Fans who want to get a copy can find Liefeld at a convention, visit his website, or talk to your local comics retailer.