Rosario Dawson and Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez Team With La Borinquena To Raise Money For COVID-19 Charities

In the last two weeks, graphic novelist, philanthropist, and activist Edgardo Miranda-Rodriguez has teamed with numerous Latinx activists and celebrities to raise hundreds of thousands of dollars for the Masks 4 America charity, for which Miranda-Rodriguez had already recruited Avengers: Infinity War actor Paul Bettany to support. In addition to a GoFundMe and some significant individual donations, Miranda-Rodriguez has recruited artist Ana Teresa Rivera Fuentes to provide a variant cover for the forthcoming third graphic novel featuring Edgardo-Rodriguez's original character La Borinqueña, depicted flying above a crowd of protesters in Puerto Rico as she carries the Puerto Rican flag, which also is celebrating it’s 125th anniversary in 2020. However, what is raising eyebrows is who also is marching alongside La Borinqueña.

Celebrated actor and activist Rosario Dawson of Daredevil and Josie and the Pussycats recently tweeted that not only did she see herself on the cover, but she was also in the company of other Latinx activists and celebrities such as Grammy Award winning artists Bad Bunny, Residente, Ricky Martin, and Ile.

You can see her comments (and the cover) below.

Miranda-Rodriguez hopes to raise money for the production of the third installment of his independently published graphic series, and some extra for Masks 4 America, by offering the book to readers as a pre-order.

While promoting the third issue of La Borinqueña, Edgardo Miranda-Rodriguez is actively involved in a charitable campaign to raise money to purchase and donate PPE. Via Masks For America Miranda-Rodriguez has collectively raised over $250,000 on GoFundMe ($125,000), ActBlue via Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez ($50,000), and Be A Hero ($20,000). To commemorate the contribution and support of Masks for America by Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez, legendary comic book artist Bill Sienkiewicz created an illustration along with La Borinqueña of the two Puerto Rican women side-by-side digitally colored by Chris Sotomayor. Along with his team of co-organizers including fashion designer Bob Bland (co-founder of the Women’s March), school-teacher Kristin Mink, and Dr. Sanjeev K. Sriram aka Dr. America and various volunteers have already distributed 34,000 FDA-certified KN95 masks to healthcare workers on the frontline throughout New York City. In addition, Miranda-Rodriguez shipped 6,000 masks to Puerto Rico to be distributed by Mayor Carmen Yulín Crúz and a team of doctors on the island inspired by La Borinqueña calling themselves Doctorxs Borinqueña.


You can check out some details about the upcoming comics project below:


¡La Borinqueña vive! Time has passed since Marisol has been seen. What became of her? Her friends? Most importantly, Puerto Rico? Who controls la estrella del camino and what does that mean for La Borinqueña’s fate? All of these questions and more will be revealed in the long awaited sequel to our best-selling graphic novel series!

The comic is set to be released on November 4, 2020.

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