New Gunslinger Spawn Comic Delayed Due To Paper Shortage

One new Spawn comic has been delayed due to paper shortages brought on by the pandemic Todd McFarlane himself took to Twitter to explain the situation to fans. Gunslinger #1 was supposed to release today, but it looks like October 27th will now serve as the big premiere for the book. McFarland told his followers that the supply chain difficulties that are still in place around the world have led to this development. Ironically, it's not something with the actual content of these issues at all but rather the cover pages and the kind of stock they use. Comics shops sell all of the different variants in a pack together. But, with the paper shortages, they have access to some full issues, but not all of the covers have been printed yet. 

With that in place, the distribution company decided to delay the issue rather than force those shops to make two different orders for the books. Supply chain problems have clued readers into how much work goes into bringing a title to market. Spawn is just the latest example as McFarlane correctly points out that both Marvel and DC have faced similar issues as well. Check out what the comics creator had to say down below:

"Everyone, Todd McFarlane here bringing you up to date news," he began. "Unfortunately, it's not what you're going to want to hear. Gunslinger #1 was supposed to ship for tomorrow, Wednesday, October 20th. But, in the world of the pandemic, there's now what appears to be a paper shortage. We've basically met, see, here's the problem. They were able to print all of the comic books except for one or two of the covers. So, they shipped the majority of these to Diamond [Comic Distributors] except for one or two of the covers. Now, some of the stores are saying, 'We sell them in sets. We don't want to sell a partial set and have to wait for it.' So, Diamond said they would ship what they have and then it became a whole problem."

"Basically I just found out today without anyone checking with me that they delayed the book. All of them. So the ones with the covers that they didn't print on time gets caught up to it. They'll all be together which basically means that there will be no Gunslinger tomorrow," McFarlane continued. "Unfortunately, because we're waiting for one of the books to still be printed. They printed all the other ones. Now, it's coming out on October 27th. So, sorry for that. It's still coming. Just a way of the pandemic world we live in. I'm dealing with that on the toy end too. So, apologies on my end. Had nothing to do with it. Everyone is scrambling for paper. Marvel and DC are running into the same problems."

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