Spawn: Todd McFarlane To Introduce New Character

Todd McFarlane continues to bring the pain in the pages of his Spawn comic series and fresh covers [...]

Todd McFarlane continues to bring the pain in the pages of his Spawn comic series and fresh covers and details for the upcoming Spawn #315 have been revealed by McFarlane and Image Comics. Five variants will be published for the new issue, due out Wednesday, February 24, featuring artwork by Björn Barends, Stephen Segovia, and three covers by Greg Capullo with two of them inked by McFarlane himself and all "highlight each stage of the team's creative process—from raw pencils, to inks, to the final colored version done by the colorist FCO." Furthermore it will introduce the first appearance of a new character, which a press release calls "The Plague."

"Beginning with the introduction of a brand new character called the PLAGUE. We continue the recent success of the Spawn comic, driven by the awesome efforts of comic shops across this nation (and around the world), we will once again deliver on exciting covers that will excite the readers and help keep the sales of this title as strong for retailers as possible," said McFarlane. "Through these complicated times, working as a team with retailers have given all of us some wonderful results we will strive to continue in 2021."

Loyal readers may recall that a previously solicited variant cover for Spawn #313 had teased the arrival of "Plague Spawn," a character that didn't appear in that issue but whose arrival was just being heralded. A previously teased piece of info about the character reads: "Not Much is known about this mysterious figure. Whom does he serve? Why is he here? Why does he seem familiar to some? His existence is only hinted about in folk tales and forgotten lands. Rising from the ashes, leaving a smoldering path of sickness, death, and destruction in his wake, Plague is coming."

"Spawn #315 begins part three of the "Omega Society" storyline. Spawn. Medieval Spawn. Plague. And Monolith take on the gigantic force of OMEGA-SPAWN."

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Spawn #315 will be available at comic book shops on Wednesday, February 24.
Spawn #315 Cover A Barends - DEC200233
Spawn #315 Cover B Capullo & McFarlane - DEC200234
Spawn #315 Cover C Segovia - DEC200235
Spawn #315 Cover D 50 copy incentive Capullo Raw Pencils - DEC208791
Spawn #315 Cover E Capullo & McFarlane B&W - DEC208792