Spawn: Greg Capullo Returns To The Franchise

Fan-favorite Batman artist Greg Capullo is teaming up with his old pal Todd McFarlane for a return to the world of Spawn starting in December. The artist will provide four months of covers for the series, beginning with the introduction of a new character, "Plague Spawn," who will arrive just in time for Christmas. The first of the covers (for December's Spawn #313) was revealed on Twitter today, featuring pencils by Capullo and inks by McFarlane. McFarlane, who dropped the announcement on social med, was visibly excited to bring Capullo back to the fold for the first time since his short contribution to Spawn #300.

“I didn't want it to be what I saw with Detective [Comics] #1000, where you have 60 covers and everyone comes on, and they do a pretty picture and they're out,” McFarlane said at the time.”I probably could've got 60 people to do 60 covers. ‘Cause you just say, ‘Hey you want to do an anniversary issue?' It's good for resale value if nothing else.’ But I just went, "Eh I need to do more than that." So I go, ‘Okay, I know Jason, he'll do some inside and outside,’ so he was a given. Then I went, ‘Who were some of the others?’ I've always been an admirer of Jeffrey Scott Campbell. But when I talked to him ... He would turn out a cool cover. I knew that would be easy. That would be a given, at least in my brain. But I then had to say, ‘Come on. I think what would be really cool, not that I announced that Jeffrey Scott Campbell is doing cover, which should be enough excitement but that you're drawing Spawn for the first time. Even if its just one page, two pages, come on.’

The interior art will be provided by Carlo Barberi, working from a script by McFarlane. The series, which is now the longest-running creator-owned comic in American comics history, has enjoyed a number of consecutive sell-outs, as McFarlane established what boils down to an all-Spawn superhero team.

You can see McFarlane's tweet below.


There are four covers, including a primary cover by Björn Barends; a McFarlane cover; and both standard and black and white covers from Capullo and McFarlane. You can check out the official solicitation for the issue below.

"CULT OF OMEGA," Conclusion The FINAL confrontation: SPAWN vs. OMEGA SPAWN to the death! If this villain cannot be defeated, then the fabric of time will begin to tear and out will pour the savage warriors of Heaven and Hell upon Earth.TODD McFARLANE and CARLO BARBERI conclude their gut-wrenching story of SPAWN vs. OMEGA SPAWN.