A Classic Superman Villain Just Got a Disturbing Power Boost

With the Dawn of DC upon us, Superman has to contend with one of his classic villains getting a disturbing power boost. Dawn of DC is a new publishing initiative on the heels of Dark Crisis on Infinite Earths. The Justice League is alive again, though they've decided to disband and allow the Titans to protect the DC Universe. That leaves Superman back in Metropolis with a new volume of his ongoing series from writer Joshua Williamson and artist Jamal Campbell. The dynamic between Superman and his longtime nemesis Lex Luthor has already been thrown for a loop, and now another member of the Man of Steel's rogues gallery is back with a vengeance.

WARNING: The following article contains spoilers for Superman #2. Continue reading at your own risk!

Superman #2 comes from the creative team of Joshua Williamson, Jamal Campbell, and Ariana Maher. It picks up with Superman under attack from an army of hungry Parasites. After Superman escapes from them, he climbs up a building and uses his ex-ray vision to see how Metropolis is being overrun by the Parasite clones, siphoning the energy from buildings. There's usually only one Parasite for Superman to be worried about, but now his clones are causing chaos across the city. Parasite has the ability to draw away someone's superpowers or life force, essentially depowering them and even killing them.

We learn that a secret order of mad scientists are the ones behind Parasite's upgrades. With Lex Luthor behind bars, they've closed the villain vacuum by experimenting on villains like Parasite and even Bizarro. The two heads of this mad scientist coalition appear to be Graft and Dr. Pharm. They're brothers who have a fixation on body horror, with Dr. Pharm wearing a Hannibal Lecter-like facemask.

(Photo: DC)

As for the City of Tomorrow's Parasite problem, Superman finds that even Lois Lane and his friends at the Daily Planet have been turned into power-hungry Parasites. The Parasite clones have evolved to the point where they're DNA is in the air, and Superman has inhaled them and is on the verge of turning into one of them.

DC Reveals New Superman Antihero Marilyn Moonlight

DC's relaunch of Superman will include the introduction of a new antihero. Superman #1 recently debuted from the superstar creative team of writer Joshua Williamson and artist Jamal Campbell, which comes on the heels of DC's larger plans for the Superman Family. Action Comics #1051 set the stage for what's to come for the Man of Steel, and Superman #1 threw fans another curveball when Lex Luthor made Superman an enticing offer. Old threats like Parasite are returning with enhanced powers, and now fans get the first look at a new antihero named Marilyn Moonlight.

Marilyn Moonlight is referred to the Spirit of Metropolis. A variant cover for Superman #2 by Jamal Campbell gives a full look at Marilyn Moonlight. She appears to have brown skin and wears an all-black bodysuit, with a white hat/mask combo to match the shoal over her shoulders. Marilyn Moonlight's hair is pulled into a long ponytail, and she brandishes a pistol in her right hand.

The description of Superman #2 reads, "Night of the Parasite! Superman is overwhelmed as Parasite's new powers are unleashed! Can Superman stop all of Metropolis from being consumed by the power-hungry Parasite or will he need Lex Luthor's help to save the day? Introducing a new antihero—Marilyn Moonlight, the Spirit of Metropolis—who only operates at night! Is she friend or foe to the Man of Steel?! And how does she connect to Metropolis's secret past?"

Superman #2 is on sale now. Let us know your thoughts on the issue in the comments!