The Story of Dunkirk, From The Late Sam Glanzman, Coming Back With A Walter Simonson Cover

Comic book legend Walter Simonson will provide a cover for a new edition of Sam Glanzman's Combat, [...]

Comic book legend Walter Simonson will provide a cover for a new edition of Sam Glanzman's Combat, a story which covers the same ground as Christopher Nolan's recent film Dunkirk.

Glanzman, who recently passed away, was working on getting a number of his old projects back into print with family friend Drew Ford, who will oversee a Kickstarter campaign to bring back Combat -- and if this one is a success, it seems there are more planned.

"Your pledge will help us get Sam Glanzman's actual comic books back on the shelves of comic book shops, for long-time fans to rediscover, and new fans to enjoy for the first time," Ford told supporters in an e-mail.

There will only be 100 unsigned copies, and 50 signed copies, of the limited edition Simonson cover available.

Glanzman, a veteran himself, is best known for war comics, most notably his runs on features like Sgt. Rock and Haunted Tank. Later in life, he would produce original works like War Diary and Sailor's Story.

The campaign includes rewards that include copies of the book, original art and sketches from Glanzman, and more.

"Sam Glanzman is one of the most neglected stars," Stan Lee once said."It's a shame that a talent like his has been so overlooked when writing about those who made comic books the exciting medium they are."

Glanzman, who had worked for DC and Charlton Comics during his career, passed away in July shortly after Ford had set up a GoFundMe to help Glanzman's family pay for the artist's hospice care.

Besides helping to pay for his care, Ford hoped the GoFundMe cash would help to bankroll the publication of a Sam Glanzman tribute book, which he has been working on putting together.

"The situation does not look good, and his wife Sue asked me if I could please put all my other projects on hold, to help her put together a Sam Glanzman tribute book," Ford wrote when Glanzman entered hospice care.

Ford suggested that those who would like to be included contact him via e-mail (, with the subject line "SAM GLANZMAN TRIBUTE - LAST NAME, FIRST NAME."

"Sam wouldn't want us walking around feeling bad about how things are," Ford wrote. "This tribute book is being put together to celebrate his life and accomplishments! He would want us to think of him and his stories, and smile."