Todd McFarlane Reveals Art from New Spawn's Universe #1 Series

Spawn creator Todd McFarlane made a huge announcement earlier this year when he revealed that he [...]

Spawn creator Todd McFarlane made a huge announcement earlier this year when he revealed that he was going to push the world of Spawn past his ongoing comic series and further develop "Spawn's Universe." It will all kick off in June of this year with that self titled issue, Spawn's Universe #1, which will give way to several other comics featuring either Spawn or one of the many other Spawns that run around in the pages of his stories. Now the prolific writer/artist has revealed a first look at more of the art seen in the upcoming issue, teasing, "Going SAVAGE! The king is coming."

"I've waited almost 30 years to be able to get to this moment," McFarlane previously said. "To deliver on ideas, I hope they will grow from this initial seed called Spawn's Universe #1 into a fully formed world populated with hundreds and hundreds of characters in the near future. The stage will be set with this book, and soon I'll be launching into new monthly titles for the first time since 1992. I can't wait to show comic readers all the crazy ideas in my head as well as opening up the floodgate to so many talented creators that have said they'd like to join me on this journey."

McFarlane wrote the issue which will feature art by Jim Cheung (Chapter With Spawn), Brett Booth (Chapter With Gunslinger Spawn), Stephen Segovia (Chapter With Medieval Spawn) and Marcio Takara (Chapter With She-Spawn). Other artists include J. Scott Campbell, creating a set of four variants, each showing one of the notable characters playing a role in Spawn's Universe in 2021. Additional variant covers come from McFarlane and a group cover by artist Booth, with McFarlane inking.

"This isn't about just a Spawn story and expanding Spawn," McFarlane told "This is expanding creativity, and/or possibility on multiple mediums in the future. The goal is to create possibilities. And the possibilities aren't going to come unless you've got the characters and you've got the foundation....All of it adds up to other companies and corporations, and eyeballs and fans looking at this brand and saying, 'What else you got?'"

Spawn's Universe will prime readers for three new monthly spin-off Spawn titles: King Spawn, Gunslinger Spawn, and The Scorched (a team-up title) with each title set to debut in 2021.

Spawn's Universe #1 launches on June 30th. The official solicitation information follow:

  • Spawn's Universe #1
  • APR210108
  • (W) Todd McFarlane (A) Jim Cheung, Todd McFarlane, Stephen Segovia, Marcio Takara (CA) J. Scott Campbell
    • IT'S HERE: THE OFFICIAL INTRODUCTION TO THE LONG-AWAITED SPAWN'S UNIVERSE!A double-sized issue that begins a storyline so huge that three NEW SPAWN-related monthly titles will spill out from it, including...
    • A new SPAWN title.
    • GUNSLINGER SPAWN monthly.
    • And a new TEAM book bringing a handful of these characters together in their own book.
    • With this one-shot...the world of SPAWN changes forever! New heroes. New villains, and more importantly, new titles coming to a comic shop near you. Join this list of artists as we unveil a historic moment in the mythology of SPAWN'S UNIVERSE:
      • JIM CHEUNG
  • In Shops: Jun 30, 2021
  • SRP: $5.99