Todd McFarlane's Covers For 'Spawn' #298 and #299 Will Press All Your Nostalgia Buttons

. Since the original story was a two-part tale that first pitted Spider-Man against a rarely-seen [...]

(Photo: Image Comics)

Superstar artist and Image Comics co-founder Todd McFarlane recently revealed his cover for the upcoming Spawn #298, and it might look familiar to fans of his work on The Amazing Spider-Man. That's because McFarlane's legendary run with the Ol' Webhead began with The Amazing Spider-Man #298 (the first appearance of Eddie Brock/Venom), and so now that his creator-owned character has gotten that far, McFarlane has taken the opportunity to draw a Spawn cover that mimics his own iconic cover for that initial taste of what was to come in Spider-Man. This fun cover, seen below, comes just a few months after Spawn Kills Everyone 2 riffed on Infinity Gauntlet.

It is also a month before the release of Spawn #299, which follows up on McFarlane's Amazing Spider-Man #298 cover homage with another self-homage -- this time, to Amazing Spider-Man #299. While #298 featured the first appearance of Eddie Brock, #299 brought in Venom for the first time as a fully-realized supervillain (costume and all). Since the original story was a two-part tale that first pitted Spider-Man against a rarely-seen character called Chance, and then later teamed them up, McFarlane took the opportunity to do another two-part cover along the same lines for Spawn.

Currently, Spawn is solicited out through July's #299. That means that, barring the scheduling getting off-course, Spawn #300 will likely be in stores in August. Spawn will become the first Image Comics title to make it to #300, and one of a fairly small number of American comics that are not published by DC or Marvel to make the milestone. Larsen's Savage Dragon is about 50 issues away. Last month, in the same post where McFarlane said DC superstar Jim Lee had agreed to draw Spawn for him, he teased big news about #300 coming soon. That McFarlane called that news even bigger than the Lee announcement likely suggests that either McFarlane himself or another superstar will draw the interiors for Spawn #300.


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