Suicide Squad Plot Details And More On Joker's Role Revealed

Joker Jared Leto Header
(Photo: Warner Bros.)

Suddenly, Suicide Squad is less than a month from release. The next movie from DC Films, featuring characters like Captain Boomerang, Slipknot, and Killer Croc, somehow seems to have more hype surrounding it than a movie that featured the first live-action big screen teamup between Batman, Superman, and Wonder Woman did. That's largely due to the more well-known characters (and actors portraying them), sure, like Viola Davis's Amanda Waller, Deadshot played by Will Smith, and a couple of crazies named Harley Quinn and The Joker being portrayed by Margot Robbie and Jared Leto.

Alongside the reveal of EW's covers featuring the film, some new details about the movie's plot were also revealed. The film takes place in Midway City, another of DC Comics' popular fictional towns, akin to the more well-known (thanks to recent TV and Films) Central City, Star City, Gotham City, and Metropolis. There's a "powerful mystical enemy" that seems from the description to have some sort of tie to Cara Delevingne's Enchantress - and of course, also to those mysterious goo-covered soldiers called the Eyes of the Adversary. In a post-Man of Steel and BvS world, such a threat isn't being treated lightly; with no Superman to even attempt to stop it, Amanda Waller and the government decide to do something themselves, recruiting vile criminals: Deadshot, Harley, Diablo, Boomerang, Slipknot, and Killer Croc, to try to resolve the problem.

Of course, you'll notice that Katana (Karen Fukuhara) isn't in that list, although she's part of the team. That's because she's not a traditional member, with the criminal past and the Wayne Enterprises explosive device in her neck as insurance. Instead, Katana is part of that insurance, working directly with Rick Flag (Joel Kinnaman), the government-appointed leader of the team.

The new details also revealed that The Joker, who previously we've only known for sure would be part of Harley Quinn's backstory, will also be present when the team is assembled, with a "laser-like plan to reunite with his true love, Harley." Knowing The Joker, he'll be more than just a bump in the road, even for a team of this magnitude.

Much more news about Suicide Squad is expected in the coming days as we get closer to the film's release on August 5, 2016.